Our Committees - GESIA IT Association

Our Committees

Chairman and Member Name of the Committee Email ID
Mr. Vipul Thakkar
Mr. Vivek Ogra
Government Relations and Networking State and Central govtrelations@gesia.org
Mr Maulik R Bhansali
Mr. Pranav Pandya
Corporate Governance corporategovernance@gesia.org
Mr Vipul Thakkar
Mr Bharat Patel
Industries and Association Relations and Networking networking@gesia.org
Mr Vivek Ogra
Mr Jaimin Shah
Overseas Relations and Networking overseasnetworking@gesia.org
Mr. T. P. S. Oberoi
Mr Maulik R Bhansali
Mr. Nilesh Kuvadia
Membership membership@gesia.org
Mr Bharat Patel
Mr. Umesh Rateja
Skill Development, Training Development,
Research, Consulting, Journal Publication and Workshops
Mr. Pranav Pandya
Mr. T. P. S. Oberoi
Events and Exhibition events@gesia.org
Mr Mitul Dadhania
Mr. Ojas Kikani
Media, Social Media and PR media@gesia.org
Mr Abhishek Desai
Mr Bharat Patel
Mr Nirav Raval
Start-ups startups@gesia.org
Mr Jaimin Shah
Mr. Nilay Patel
Fund Raising fundraising@gesia.org
Mr. Pranit Banthia
Mr. T. P. S. Oberoi
Mr. Pranav Pandya
CSR csr@gesia.org
Chairman BPO / KPO bpo-kpo@gesia.org
Mr. Jatin Y. Trivedi IPR ipr@gesia.org
Mr. Pranav Pandya Legal legal@gesia.org
Mr Harishchandra Rana Cyber Security cybersecurity@gesia.org