GESIA Awards 2022

GESIA Annual Awards 2022

Recognition is an important part for an Industry as it provides for excellence for growth and development in this competitive world. The recognition is merely not an achievement of a company, but is a process story of how an organisation made it happen. Their story is just not of an individual but a collective effort to reach the vision. Where these are value performance development and provides encouragement to Industry for global market.

We at GESIA IT ASSOCIATION have always taken a lead ahead in recognizing the excellence of the industry and it has been our endeavor to provide a strategic impetus support to the Gujarat ICT Industry. In pursuance of the same GESIA IT ASSOCIATION an ICT Industry Sector Development organization brings to you, the “GESIA Annual Awards 2022”.

The GESIA Annual Awards 2022 a platform where we recognize the excellence in line with current and future trends for higher growth and development of the industry. Each edition of awards brings a specific focus and recognition for companies. We take this privilege for Honouring and recognizing such companies who stood strong, adopted new changes and survived to lead ahead in the situation besides our other category of nomination.

Categories of GESIA Annual Awards

Sr # Categories of GESIA Annual Awards Nomination
1. Best Software Company Apply Now
2. Best Product and Solution
– Looking at the nomination received it can be delegated under each of the category mentioned below. Further looking at the nomination in each of the category it can be divided in to Gold Category and Rising Star. We have to segregated all Rising Star as per definitions of Start-ups given by Govt. of India, where as rest of the nominations can be part of Gold Category.

  • Best IOT Product Solution
  • Best AR-VR Product Solution
  • Best Blockchain Product Solution
  • Best Big Data Product Solution
  • Best AI / ML Product Solution
  • Best Cyber Security Product Solution
  • Best SaaS Product Solution
  • Best FinTech Product Solution
  • Best Gaming Product Solution
  • Other
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3. Best System Integrator Company (Hardware) Apply Now
4. Best Infrastructure Managed Service Provider (Software) Apply Now
5. Best BPO or KPO Company Apply Now
6. Best Electronics Industry Company Apply Now
7. Best Digital Marketing Company Apply Now
8. Best Digital Transformation Adoption

Education Sector Apply Now
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