Training Program Cyber Laws

Training Program Cyber Laws

Training Program on Cyber Laws & Cyber HR 2020

Cyber law is an important concept in today’s world, as it touches almost all aspects of transactions and activities on and relevant to the Internet, the World Wide Web and Cyberspace. Initially it may seem that Cyber law is a very scientific field and that it does not have any relevance to most activities in the Cyberspace. But the genuine truth is that nothing could be beyond than the truth. Whether we recognize it or not, every action and reaction in Cyberspace has some legal and Cyber legal perspectives. Hence, GESIA has come up with a special training program on Cyber laws. GESIA in association with CLS – Cyber Laws & Information Security Advisors has organized a Training Program on Cyber Laws under the name Cyber Security events 2020 and HR Management Practices for HR Managers under Cyber HR 2020. We will be hosting CIO events in 2020 to gather CIO’s from the largest corporations and brands, CIOs who are looking to explore new-age technologies and implementing them. The summit gathers the brightest minds in startups & enterprise to converse about the future and aims at orienting the startup community towards an innovation-led environment.


CIO Events & CXO Summit in 2020
The summit is structured as an information-exchange forum and aa closely-nit networking platform for a select group CIOs and C-Level Executives from the top companies and largest firms in India. The event’s privacy and affable format encourages for only the most engaging of conversations and detailed discussions to materialize in a remarkable environment. We guarantee that each delegate will leave the summit enlightened — whether it be with new lead projects for co-workers, or with creative, innovative and progressive IT and commercial solutions for the CIO.

GESIA is the ICT window of Gujarat to the World and nurtures, fosters and tracks the ICT Industry of Gujarat. It is the only state level association, and realize the importance of duty and quality being a monopoly. GESIA IT Association in partnership with Department of Science and Technology, Govt. of Gujarat, is supported by NASSCOM and ISODA, PWC as a knowledge partner. We have a CXO Summit in 2020 in collaboration through thought leading content and audience and we host events to gather CXOs from the world’s largest corporations and brands. We thrive on excellence and growth of the country.

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