VSTS GESIA Awards Vibrant Gujarat

VSTS GESIA Awards Vibrant Gujarat

VSTS GESIA Awards Vibrant Gujarat

To continue the ‘Keep Startup Movement’, the GESIA IT Association along with the Department of Science and Technology, the Government of Gujarat is hosting a three-day program full of experiential learning and networking for start-ups and aspiring entrepreneurs.

The event is organized as a precursor to the Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit. GESIA VSTS flag ship event is a platform for innovators and entrepreneurs from around the world to meet and interact, notable speakers from the program, addressing a range of challenges and doubts related to entrepreneurship with the theme of Experience the Next Does.

What’s more, this year there has been a focus on technology as a catalyst for entrepreneurship.

The rapid advancement of technology with Smart Cities’ initiative and policies like it has paved the way for the younger generation to make a fresh start and charge for a startup revolution.

In addition, to take a step forward in the process of encouraging upcoming startups, select startups will have the opportunity to pitch their business plan to the investors present at the event.

Vibrant Startups and Technology Summit & GESIA Awards

Hon’ble Chief Minister of Gujarat will inaugurate the summit in the presence of the government, business leaders, economists, academics, academics, policy makers and industry veterans.

Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit

The Vibrant Gujarat Summit was envisaged in 2003, by the Honorable Prime Minister of India and the then Chief Minister of Gujarat, Shri Narendra Modi, to re-establish itself as a preferred investment destination within India.

VSTS summit evolved into a agenda for global socio-economic development also as a facilitator for knowledge sharing and effective partnership.

The 2017 Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit held in Gujarat in January 2010 was attended by 25,000 + delegates from 100+ countries, including heads of 6 countries, Nobel laureates, captains of global industry and thought leaders.

The Vibrant Gujarat 2019 summit is now proposed to provide a forum for discussion.

Global, National and State level agenda

With a sharp focus on all round economic development for ‘New India’.

In addition to the major events held as part of Vibrant Gujarat, the 9th edition of the summit saw the launch of an entirely new platform aimed at diversifying the nature of knowledge sharing and accelerating the level of networking at the summit. Will also witness. The participants.

Value Proposition – Vibrant Gujarat 2019

– Marquee Prasad

– Inauguration of Summit by Honorable Prime Minister of India

– Exclusive Global

  • Pitch on investment opportunities in India for global investors
  • Open discussion forum on global agenda like Industry 4.0
  • Seminar on investment, partnership and knowledge sharing opportunities in Gujarat
  • Demonstration of Gujarat’s growth through the years
  • Youth engagement platform with global youth icon
  • Hackathon and pitching forum for startups and innovators
  • Vibrant Gujarat Global Exhibition

Networking opportunities during Vibrant Gujarat

  • Meet the Honorable Prime Minister of India and his main team
  • Meet Honorable Chief Minister of Gujarat and Honorable Deputy Chief Minister of Gujarat and Team Gujarat
  • Business-to-business meetings
  • Meetings with the government on business-related issues with central and state government officials
  • Know about investable projects in India and Gujarat
  • Conversations with Thought Leaders and Change Makers
  • Showcase your brand on a global platform

Learn about summit partner countries and investment opportunities in partner states


The IT industry began its journey as a startup duo a decade ago and today it has evolved into a mega IT industry.

IT industry today provides service, support, integration and facilitation in all areas from micro, mega size to business, commerce and all types of non-IT industries. So called, today’s start-up is the industry of tomorrow, so it is very true when it comes to information, communication and technology in particular.

A mega-event created under the Government of Gujarat and the GESIA IT Association (GESIA) Vibrant, in line with and in-line with the vision of Honorable Prime Minister of Digital India transforming our nation India into a digitally empowered economy

Brings together the initiative called Vibrant Startup and Technology Summit (VSTS) organized by GESIA IT Association, Science City, with K&D Communication Ltd. 12 in Ahmedabad December 14, 2019 to focus on the “Experience The Next” national – international stature of the event.

VSTS 2019 brings together startup and next-generation technology on one platform and was supported by the Department of Science and Technology, Gujarat Informatics Limited, Govt. Of Gujarat. NASSCOM and ISODA as National Partners and PwC as Knowledge Partners.

The all-new Avatar GESIA Annual Awards for Excellence put the spotlight on the best of the ICT industry in Gujarat and India in various categories, as the award categories address upcoming innovators and those looking to find the best ideas, successful products and organizations, Those who do business with a human touch, and who are willing to serve society with ICT Mr. are beyond professional commitments.

We are happy to share with you that our upcoming awards were held on 13 December 2019 during GESIA VSTS 2019. This GESIA annual award was done with the theme “Experience the Next”.

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